5 Year Wetsuit Warranty

Wettie 5 year wetsuit guarantee

Wettie have put a lot of time & effort into designing ALL of our Wettie wetsuits from scratch using our 40 years of spearfishing & commercial diving experience as well as suggestions from all sorts of divers around the country from scuba, to spearos, to commercial.

This warranty covers: The workmanship such as inside gluing/seams, delimitation of the material. Our 5 year wetsuit warranty only applies to Wettie wetsuits purchased from authorised Wettie dealers and any claims must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase

The 5 year warranty does not cover fair wear & tear or issues that arise as a result of, or are contributed to by, any failure to adequately maintain the wetsuit or due to mis-use. These include: Rips/tears, broken thread, sun fading

wetsuit troubleshooting

Wettie warrants only to the original purchaser of this product from a Wettie-authorized reseller or distributor that under normal use and service for two years after date of purchase. Wettie reserves the right, before having any obligation under this 5-year warranty, to inspect the wetsuit, and all costs of shipping the wetsuit to Wettie for inspection shall be borne solely by the purchaser. Wettie also reserves the right to make the final decision on whether the warranty claim falls under defects in material or workmanship, whether it will be repaired or replaced or if it falls under general wear and tear.